About The Network Realty Group

The Network; your premier connection hub for all things real estate… We pride ourselves in being the only real estate brokerage to give you direct access to professional resources by bringing the best in the industry, in-house; seamlessly moving with you through each step of your real estate journey.

Engage | Educate | Empower

The NETWORK was born because of a need; a need for trusted partnerships, a sense of urgency, and the feeling of connection. Starting in the real estate industry in 2002, Sean Najera quickly learned that in order to be successful and deliver on the promises he made as a loan officer, as a production partner, as a real estate agent, and as a managing partner - he needed ENGAGE and be aligned with equally driven professionals, EDUCATE himself and others in the always changing, multi-faceted real estate industry, and EMPOWER those he worked with to use the partnerships and expertise developed within their networks to move towards the common goal… to create a “home” where all of your industry needs are met – The Network; your premier connection hub for all things real estate.

THE NETWORK is the product of time spent building relationships, learning and growing with the industry, and giving our people and partners the opportunity to be a part of the vision and share in the benefits.

COMMUNITY: At the end of the day, it has always been about the people. In addition to providing The NETWORK team with support and access across the real estate industry, we founded the Alinea Foundation*, a way for us to GIVE back to the greater network in which we all exist.  A percentage of all revenues are donated to the Foundation in which several grants are given to various charitable organizations with the shared vision of creating connections and opportunities in every home. 

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